A Free Gift for You

I’m having a rough time getting started on my novel.  I start writing, and then I realize that I need to double-check my characters.  I am writing an historical novel based on the life of Mary Davis Skeen, so there are real characters out there paralleling the characters in my novel.

I created a timeline of events in Mary’s life, and I thought I was ready. However, I keep going back to my online pedigree charts to find important people in her story. I realized I just needed a basic pedigree chart  to plug in family members so that I could have something to reference.

Doing genealogy online is quite similar, so I assumed that I would be able to find a basic pedigree chart online.  I wasn’t disappointed; there are hundreds of them.  The most basic ones are PDF files meant to be printed out.  The last thing I need is more paper on my desk.  The fancier ones, ones meant to be used on your desktop and saved electronically, are provided for a fee.  I didn’t want a fancy one, and I didn’t want to pay a fee to learn more software, so I created a template of my own.

I can use this very basic template to organize Mary’s family, save it as Mary’s pedigree, and then create a corresponding one for my fictional family.  I can also use it to focus on just one  family line from my own genealogy, and then save it to the corresponding family in my electronic genealogy file. Nice. No papers!

Free 4 generation template
Click on this photo for your free Word Doc. For a template, save as “Word Template.”

So . . .  here is your own copy of my 4 generation pedigree chart:

Use it. Save it for your very own. Reuse it.  Save it again. It’s free!

If you try it, please let me know if it works for you. 
*Note from me:   I had to take it out of template mode for Word Press, but you can save put it back into template mode when you save it. Just click on “save as” and then choose “Word template” in the “save as type” drop-down menu. I use MS Office 2010, but it should work the same in the previous or most current edition.



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