Davies/Davis, Mary Davis Skeen, Skeen

Training, Caffeine, and Jon Morrow

Oh. My. Goodness. Did I manage to slip through all of February with no blog posts? Looks like it.

its-been-lovely-but-i-have-to-scream-now-quote-1Pleeeeease forgive me, and consider this my autobiographical post for February (since today would be the thirtieth if we were in any other month of the year).

I’m not making excuses. You and your ancestors have not slipped my mind. I know that I said I’d be starting a new teaching job, and I did. But like any job in the teaching profession, it requires preparation outside of the classroom. To be honest, the last month has felt more like the last two weeks of summer vacation when all of the teachers have abandoned the beach to prepare lessons and reorganize their classrooms, and the new, new teachers (like me) are adding professional development on top of that. I’m also trying to get used to getting up at 4 a.m. (Still working on that one.)

In the midst of this, I was also contacted by an old college friend who is starting up a new web-design business and needed a part-time copywriter. Well, I couldn’t say no. (She is paying me, after all.)

But this blog is my baby. I gave up two other blogs to focus on this one, and I’m NOT giving up this one. This is a remodel project, and like any building or remodel project, you have to begin at the foundation. I’m not starting from scratch, but I’m making changes from the bottom up.

Okay, I’m getting ahead of myself. I guess I’ve established that I’m a busy person: a full-time grandma helping to raise my soon-to-be four year-old granddaughter, a part time teacher, and a part-time writer. And right now, I’m living off of energy drinks and online  professional development to help me in all three of those endeavors. Don’t laugh at me, but I still think it’s doable.

So what does this have to do with Jon Morrow? Since writing and teaching are not at all the same thing, I am also taking classes designed to help me rebuild my blog from the foundation up.

This blog post might sound like an advertisement for SmartBlogger, And it is. Except I get no kickback from it, and my only readers who might be interested are other bloggers. In fact, I’m guessing that other bloggers are the only people who might even know that  Jon Morrow is SmartBlogger’s founder.

I can’t even remember how I discovered him, but Morrow is an amazing man. His constant offers of help have shown up in my inbox about once a week for at least the past year. He’s not the most amazing writer, and I’m sure he has his faults, but I’m gonna go out on a limb and guess that Morrow is among the wealthiest bloggers in the world. What makes Morrow so amazing (besides his money, lol), is that writing is one of the very few professions he is physically capable of managing. You see, Morrow is fighting Spinal Muscular Atrophy, a form of muscular dystrophy, and is quadriplegic. He was lucky in that he had family help him get to this point, but now Morrow can afford to pay for all of his physical care and hire employees to boot.

I don’t care if I ever get as rich as Morrow, but I would love to have StoriesFromThePast pay for itself, so I can give up all of the other side jobs and enjoy my grandchildren. Morrow offers all sorts of training for free, and much more at ridiculously low prices, as a service to struggling bloggers. It’s his way of giving back to the many people who have given so much to help him grow and get to this point. Morrow knows his stuff, so I’m taking classes from him, too.

I can think of a few things in my life that have suffered in the past few weeks, like laundry, dishes, healthy meals, vacuuming, exercise, and my granddaughter (who is on my bed at this very moment glued to Little Baby Bum YouTube videos on my cell phone). I think my husband might even miss me too. But the most intense part of teacher and writer trainings will end this month, and I should be set with my new schedule by then as well. That should make everyone happy. Well, me, at least.

Thanks for your patience, and look for new ancestor landing pages for Thomas Davies (1816-1899), and Joseph Skeen (1813-1882), along with a prologue for my first full-length biography, The Second Wife’s Story. If either one of those names are in your pedigree, I’m dying to hear from you (well, maybe not literally). You can use the Tell Your Story tab at the top of this page to contact me.

That’s about all I’ll have time for in March, and I may be set for just one blog post and one landing page for the next three or four months, but I also expect that I will have built some new habits that will keep me moving along smoothly for the future.

If you’ve managed to read this far, thanks so much for being a faithful follower. I hope you know I love you.

And thanks, Jon. I don’t know you, but I love you too!


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