A Quick Apology and a (very) Short Explanation

Hello readers. I have really missed you!

I am lucky to have a little blog time today as my husband was sent home from work early so the employees could vote. Although I should be sitting in my makeshift schoolroom teaching my one first-grade student, I have sent my granddaughter on an extended recess so I could have some time to myself. Really, I should be taking advantage on the downtime, to get some cleaning done or finish folding the laundry. I hope someday soon I’ll be able to get back to the stories that desperately need telling.

So instead of housework and grandparenting, or even opening up the genealogy charts, identifying people in old photos, or searching for records, I took a quick peek on the internet. I should have known better. I voted weeks ago, and I have purposely avoided anything political today. Unfortunately I immediately found my voice and began responding to tweets. Problem is, Stories From the Past is my only Twitter account, and I have tried (sometimes unsuccessfully) to keep my personal political views to myself when I tweet.

Not today. My fingers went rampant on the keyboard, and before I knew it, my pinkie finger was hitting that little airplane.

So if you managed to see one of those errant posts, and become offended by my comments, please know that no offense was meant to any of my readers. THIS is NOT THE PLACE for politics. After this post, I’ll be steering clear from the internet for the next few weeks, as I have done since February, thanks to COVID 19.

I hope that changes toward normalcy will come quickly so that I will find the ability to focus on Stories From the Past again.

And now, the little one has returned from her foray into the great outdoors and I must get back to the school room. I hope to be back again soon!