Raising Voices

The Raising Voices project is dedicated to telling at least one story of marginalization throughout history per month, beginning in January of 2019.

Nearly every group has come under unfair scrutiny due to widespread differences in cultures, religion, skin color, and ability. In my own lifetime I have experienced or observed marginalization because of skin color, religion or non-religion, gender preference, gender difference, or ability/disability.

Not every story is a story of unfair bias, or even that of rising above marginalization. Stories in the Raising Voices project will include only those stories which directly demonstrate the effects of prejudice on others.

When my father finished transcribing my Jewish grandmother’s oral history, he added the title, “Lest We Forget.” After meeting Ruth Contreras, the daughter of my grandmother’s former next-door neighbor in Austria, I was reminded that surviving generations have a responsibility to resurrect the memory of our forebears so that mistakes of the past can be avoided. Raising Voices stories acts as just one reminder.

Diversity doesn’t have to be divisive.


January 2019: American Slavery in Kentucky