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NKY Family History 2019

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Where Have all the Stories Gone?

have good news and bad news.  First, the bad news (Let's get it over quick): There have been no new stories at Stories From the Past since March 2019 . Of course, you knew that, so it really isn't news at all. Now the good news: I'm still here and gathering stories. In fact, I… Continue reading Where Have all the Stories Gone?

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Jewish Cemeteries of Burgenland and the Bucklige Welt

After the living were disposed of,  their cemeteries were usually cataloged and then desecrated and destroyed by whatever means deemed appropriate. People first; then cemeteries.

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Enter Rain Man

DSM-5 criteria for adults is divided into five categories which are further subdivided into sub-categories. Autistic behaviors must be present in all of the main categories for a positive diagnosis. Here’s how it breaks down for Tony

Raising Voices

The Village Idiot, Monsters, and Other Misused Terms

Words are not just used to tell stories. They have stories of their own. Ergo, they have histories. There is even a word for the study of word history; it's called etymology: the study of word origins.

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A Valentine for the Last Heretic Burned at the Stake

Edward compiled a detailed explanation of his theology, and delivered copies to the clergy. It was most unfortunate that he even chose to deliver a copy to King James himself. While open exchanges of opinion and peaceful demonstrations are part of the human discourse in the 21st century, the only opinions that accounted for anything in 17th century England were those of the King and his trusted advisers. Edward had just handed the king a detailed summary of evidence to be used against him.

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Where is the Love?

I was so excited when less than five minutes after publication I had a $100 donation. Great! I thought, I'm on my way. Then nothing. I must be doing something wrong . . .