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Historical figures spotlighted in are listed alphabetically by surname. Primary female figures are listed by maiden name, and all spouses have corresponding links. Follow the links below each individual to learn more about them. When you find a match to your own family tree, use the The Cousin Finder to find your relation to them. If you would like us to help you figure it out or just publicize your connection, please use the Tell Your Story tab to contact us for a free consultation.

ABELES, Rudolf




EYNON, Mary 1815 Kidwelly, Carmarthen, Wales-1869 Lehi, Utah


KWIATKOWSKI, Joannes, “Jan”, “John”

Caroline Smart Smith 1840-1925 Kempston, Bedford Borough, Bedfordshire, England

SKEEN, William Dolby

STEWARD, Nicholas

  • Sir Nicholas Steward, Knight of Pateshull   1460–1521 
  • “Sir” Nicholas, rogue “Knight of Pateshull.” (After extensive research, I have found absolutely no evidence of the existence of a “Knight of Pateshull,” except in inconsistent family trees, and this website. This is a great argument for accurate DOCUMENTATION!)


  • A Valentine for the Last Man Burned at the Stake


  • Unsavory Conditions in a Sugar House Prison