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A Great Miracle Happened Here

Shalom and Hanukkah Sameach!  Hanukkah 2017 begins this evening.  And because I do identify as Jewish by virtue of my ancestral birthright, we find no problem with fitting it in among our celebrations of the season. Being Jewish has everything to do with my passion for Family History. I grew up knowing that my grandmother… Continue reading A Great Miracle Happened Here

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Unknown Family Members Identified

We interrupt your regularly scheduled blog post for this important announcement: I am pleased to report that I have made a very special connection to family, friends, and neighbors who were lost in the Holocaust. In the past few days a flurry of emails have gone back and forth between my parents, myself, and a… Continue reading Unknown Family Members Identified

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Why Grandma Cried

My mother was born in 1940, one month after Germany began it's attack on Great Britain. A few months later, Pearl Harbor was attacked, and the United States entered the war. By that time, Hitler had been rampaging through Europe for more than four years. Two days after Mom's fifth birthday, Emperor Hirohito agreed to unconditional… Continue reading Why Grandma Cried