Another Victim of the Holocaust

This week’s post is postponed due to malware linked to one of my posts through a Holocaust website. Since I am unable to remove the link, I will either remove the offending post or have it fixed tonight, so that I can finish today’s post by tomorrow.

Thanks for your patience, and sorry for the inconvenience!

5 thoughts on “Another Victim of the Holocaust

    1. It’s awful! Unfortunately it was attached to my most popular post, which coincidentally was the hardest post to write. I ended up deleting the post, and will need to rewrite it sometime in the near future. 😦


      1. Ugh!! So sad. Didn’t you save the text? Hoping you don’t have to re-write the entire thing.


      2. No, I didn’t save the text, but I was more worried about the documents. It was my tribute to Tante Rosa. I will need to rewrite it, but I did save the documents that I had found online.

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