. . . and I’m back.

Over the summer, Stories From the Past was never far from my mind. In fact, I felt a lot of anxiety over no posts, but between two grandkids and a broken PC (I have six grandkids but two were staying with me), my ability to blog was reduced to bits and snatches of time with a tablet or a phone. Have you ever tried to blog from your tablet or phone? Well, I’m a perfectionist, so I wasn’t even going to attempt it. In fact, I suffer from perfection paralysis. It’s a real thing, which means that if I can’t do something right, I’m not going to do it at all. Thankfully, knowing you have a problem is the first step in solving it, and I am now working hard to get over my fear of doing a less-than-perfect job. Now that both grandkids are back at home and in school, and I have a new PC,  Stories From the Past is ready to roll, and I’m gearing up to launch a professional, remodeled, website for 2019.

back at work
back at work  ( I hope it’s true that a messy desk is a sign of a genius mind.)

Many of you are waiting for stories about your own ancestors, and if I told you I’d be writing about them, I WILL. In fact, I hope to be turning several of them into books. I’m getting started right away on at least one of them, but I consider this just the beginning, knowing it can only get better from here.

I don’t have a set priority list, with the exception of the story that started it all, and that will be The Second Wife’s Story. Mary Davis Skeen is the subject of my first book, so all of you Davis/Davies/Skeen progeny can look forward to getting the first read. I plan to publish the unedited book one chapter at a time. I’ve been planning to author a book for more than three decades now, so all I can say about that is it’s ABOUT time!

So here is my list of proposed subjects for the next few months and well into 2019:

  • Mary Davis Skeen (The Second Wife’s Story)
  • The Jews of Pitten, Austria (Specifically the ones who lived next door to my great-great-grandfather, Rudolf Abeles.)
  • Rosa Rebecca Abeles
  • Mary Rogers Damron
  • Sgt. Bernard Kwiatkowski and the WWII 5th Airforce 90th Bomb Group
  • new cemeteries
  • Kentucky slavery and the U.S. Civil War

Blog posts are scheduled Wednesday at 10 AM of each week.

Next Week: A special thanks to Ruth Contreras

Ancestor Landing pages for specific blog subjects will appear on the first of each month. October’s Landing page is Thomas Davies (1816 Llannelly, Carmarthenshire, Wales – 1899 Plain City, Weber, Utah, USA)

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