Let’s get this Story Started

Can I ask for your help?

I’ve been researching and gathering information about the life of Mary Davis Skeen off and on for several years. Thanks to great record-keeping by Davis and Skeen family genealogists and local historians, I have plenty of information to tell a complete story from beginning to end.

But Mary Davis Skeen is not my family, and I want to honor her memory as best I can. I have been told by one of her great-grandchildren that Mary could not read or write, so she could not have written her own memoirs. Therefore, your knowledgeable input is the most valuable resource I have, especially if you are related to any of the players in Mary’s story.

What you will see of Mary’s life is my rough draft of her complete biography. There will be gaps and inaccuracies that you can help me fix. I would love to hear from you especially if you belong to any one of the following categories:

Descendant/s of

  • Thomas Davies (1816-1899  or Thomas Davis/Davies/David 1790-1865)
  • Mary Davis Skeen (The second wife)
  • Caroline Smart Smith Skeen (The first wife)
  • Abraham O Smoot

Have family from

  • Carmarthen, Wales
  • Llanelly, Wales
  • Burry Port, Wales
  • Plain City, Utah

Have family stories (especially written memoirs) of descendants regarding

  • Eisteddfod and the early Mormon Tabernacle Choir
  • Welsh customs, traditions, and recipes
  • LDS church history in Southern Wales
  • Welsh maritime history before 1860
  • 1855 Voyage from Liverpool to New Orleans on HMS Clara Wheeler
  • Mormon Grove, Kansas
  • Abraham O Smoot  missionary experiences in Wales 1850-1855
  • Abraham O Smoot 1856 pioneer company
  • Dry Creek, Deseret Territory (Lehi Utah)
  • Dry Creek water disputes
  • Plain City, Utah founders
  • Measles
  • Small Pox
  • Midwifery in Deseret Territory

Please remember that I have access to libraries and online resources. What I don’t have is insider knowledge–something that may have come through your ancestors to you. I am especially looking for primary sources but secondary sources can be very helpful too.

Finally, I want your corrections, suggestions, perspective, praise, and constructive criticism. You can comment below,  send me a private message, or join our Facebook group for extended conversation on the subject.

Right now, I am putting together Mary’s family and early childhood in Wales for the first chapter to come in February 2020.  Next week I am posting an ancestor landing page for Thomas Davies (b. 1816 Llanelly, Carmarthenshire, Wales – d .1899 Plain City, Utah.)

Thanks in advance for your interest and input! I hope we can make this a successful community effort.

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